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Coaching for Contractors

They say that motivation and confidence are like oxygen; when you have it you don't even notice, when it's missing nothing else matters. We at Coaching for Contractors are here to breathe life into the spirit of HVAC Service and Replacement business throughout the United States.

With over 25 years experience in the HVAC Service and replacement business, Tom is dedicated to coaching and motivating you to success. Being a retired businessman himself, he brings his unique blend of expertise, insight and passion to his coaching. We work with you, understanding your goals and aspirations; we know that success is the full realization of your own potential on your own terms and your own timeline.

The retired life has allowed Tom to follow his passion and he wishes to bring his coaching and consultancy to help you follow yours. Tom's tireless dedication has kept him away from the easy golden years. He brings his commitment that he expresses "with the heart of a teacher" to every task he undertakes. Let Coaching for Contractors, with over two decades serving his client base and Service Agreement Club Members with World Class Service, help you reach your potential. Working together with Tom he can help you attain your company and personal goals. One of your company goals should be to assist your associates reach their goals.

Obstacles and adversity are what bring meaning to success. While the challenges can be daunting and at times, perhaps even a little overwhelming, they can be surmounted once we realize that success is a state of mind just as much as an impressive balance sheet.

With our coaching and consulting, we provide that necessary leg up in realizing your full business potential in raising the bar.

What others say about Tom:

"Tom is the type of guy that never gets tired of learning. It is for this reason that he is always up on the latest technologies in HVAC and indoor air quality. He is an asset to our industry because of his integrity, hard work and desire to do things the right way."
Janice C. Hodum, Vice President
Carwile Mechanical Contractors, Inc.

"Tom never minces words and gets right to the point. He teaches disciplines that serve you well. Tom is a credit to our industry."
Steve Lauber, Preisdent, C&D Cooling and Heating Co.

"I have worked with Tom in many capacities over the last 15 years. We met in a peer group where we helped each other and the membership solve problems and achieve new levels of success. Tom is a person you can rely on to deliver well above expectations with exceptional ethics."

Martin Hoover, Owner, Empire Heating and Air Conditioning

"Tom Templeton was a member of a mix group and came to our office as a consultant. He is a fount of HVAC business and technical expertise and has always been a pleasure to work with."

Dave Kyle, Owner, Trademasters Service Corp.
"I have known Tom for the past seven years, both personally and professionally. Over this time frame he has demonstrated that he is a highly dedicated professional with extensive knowledge concerning the heating and air-conditioning industry and more specifically Indoor Air Quality.

In addition to his knowledge Tom is a powerful communicator who possess the ability to transfer his knowledge and expertise to others.

I enthusiastically recommend Tom to those HVAC companies in need of a consultant."

Art Knowles, CEO Filtration Manufacturing, Inc.