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Add-on Solutions for Profit Centers

Add-on Solutions:

Coaching for Contractors has dedicated a page to list just a few "add-on" profit centers for your consideration. These concepts, items and brands are just some of the "bullets" that I have used or have in my home. That's my reasoning for the recommendation. Make your own decision on brands. The links are proven products, brands and organizations that provide best business practices.

As prior stated, "no magic bullets" does not imply no ammunition in your arsenal. The most successful entrepreneurs are diversified or have a boutique business. All markets will not support a boutique type of operation. I strongly recommend everyone should have a "niche" in your market area or footprint of operations. If you are just the redundant "heating and cooling" guy or gal, you might consider another avocation in today's business climate and economy. Remember "no magic" bullets, however as an entrepreneur certain calculated "risks" must be taken.

A great way to stretch your advertising/marketing budget is to take your company to your potential clients. Local Home Show or maybe a display in the local Hardware Store is perfect for that "one on one" and "face time" you need. I call this more "Bang for your Buck."

Call Me , I will happily share my experiences with you.