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Troubleshooting for HVAC

Coaching for Contractors has experienced most of your business problems. We worked through these challenges using a coach/mentor, business systems, sharing best business practices via a ACCA mixed group and software, just to name a few.. We understand that problems and complications always show up when you least expect them. We go through a thorough free pre screening, where we get to see if Coaching for Contractors is a perfect fit for you. No two companies are alike. We understand that when it comes to HVAC, people need a coach that is fully tailored to every specific situation.

Our approach is both comprehensive and integrated. We connect the strategy and the planning to the realities on the ground. With knowledge of the most up to date business systems, planning and franchise experience; Coaching for Contractors focuses on working ON rather than just working IN your company. Our imbedded approach can help you build consumer confidence and create a reputable business culture. We work alongside the business techs, call takers, CSRs and those doing service and maintenance. Our strategy is based on inspecting what you are expecting. We place a premium on making sure that your outcomes are based on your intentions.

Tom Templeton's expertise reveals itself in his own professional history. He is licensed as a Mechanical Contractor and as an advanced indoor air specialist. When businesses work with Coaching for Contractors, they are getting something even more important than a successful business consultancy; they are gaining peace of mind.

What others say about Tom:

"Tom is the type of guy that never gets tired of learning. It is for this reason that he is always up on the latest technologies in HVAC and indoor air quality. He is an asset to our industry because of his integrity, hard work and desire to do things the right way."
Janice C. Hodum, Vice President
Carwile Mechanical Contractors, Inc.

"Tom never minces words and gets right to the point. He teaches disciplines that serve you well. Tom is a credit to our industry."
Steve Lauber, Preisdent, C&D Cooling and Heating Co.

"I have worked with Tom in many capacities over the last 15 years. We met in a peer group where we helped each other and the membership solve problems and achieve new levels of success. Tom is a person you can rely on to deliver well above expectations with exceptional ethics."

Martin Hoover, Owner, Empire Heating and Air Conditioning

"Tom Templeton was a member of a mix group and came to our office as a consultant. He is a fount of HVAC business and technical expertise and has always been a pleasure to work with."

Dave Kyle, Owner, Trademasters Service Corp.
"I have known Tom for the past seven years, both personally and professionally. Over this time frame he has demonstrated that he is a highly dedicated professional with extensive knowledge concerning the heating and air-conditioning industry and more specifically Indoor Air Quality.

In addition to his knowledge Tom is a powerful communicator who possess the ability to transfer his knowledge and expertise to others.

I enthusiastically recommend Tom to those HVAC companies in need of a consultant."

Art Knowles, CEO Filtration Manufacturing, Inc.